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Last day of Training

As today is last day of my six week training. I have perform some patch work like, I have edited setLeave function to create leave by manager on behalf of collaborater.
Undo all changes in employee.php because they cause problem in different functionality.
Updated link of popup in create and edit user views.And changed views/hr/createleave.php to recommend leave.

Then I submit my work as some part of my project need some modification so I will tried to make these change as soon as possible and my six week training ends 🙂


41th day of training

Today I have added function to check delegation of all managers of employee .This function return true and id of delegate if he is delegate of any manager of employee.
And Changed URL of select manager level popup used while creating user.
Also created separate function to select level of manager. This is required so that select multi level popup do not interfere with
other functionality of web app.

39th day of training

Now as these are last days of my training I tried to complete my project as soon as possible and tried to increase my speed.
Today I have added some required changes in layout of request mail, added sql query to create manager_levels table in database,as I forget to add it earlier.
Also Added code for to delete manager level and update level number of other if deletion of a manager occur then this code will delete manager level from subordinates managers levels.
And update other managers levels.

38th day of training

Today I have added added code for sending remember mail and recommend mail.
now if user click on remember mail button then remember mail will be send to current manager level whose approval is needed.
Also if a manager click on recommend button then a mail will be sent to next level of manager.
And make some change in view, controller and models of user create and edit ie.Code is modified for user having no line manager for both create and edit user.
To edit user data all needed functionality including view, models and controller are add.